Our Story

Hello and welcome to our story page.  We wanted to tell you about us and how and why we ended doing a moonshine and supplies website. 

A few years ago I started making moonshine as a hobby.  Through a lot of studying and trial and error I finally started to make several really tasty products.  In our rum line we have- The General Lee Spiced Rum, Dark Rum and White Rum along with Montucky Mud.   In our whiskey line we have Montucky Serial Whiskey, Montucky Hickory Beer Whiskey, Montucky Sugar Maple Beer Whiskey and several more coming along the way.  We also make Montucky Honey Shine, Montucky Cherry Brandy.  We would like to soon incorporate a Montucky Huckleberry Brandy (have to wait til huckleberry season). For years now we have done this for our own personal use. With this said here is how we came to this business. We are working towards opening a micro distillery here in Montana.  Of course that takes a lot of work and money to achieve this goal.  Through brainstorming and dedication towards our end goal we decided to bring Montucky Moonshine alive.  We wanted to get our brand out to the market and utilize the revenue that we make in this endeavor to fund the realization of our dream. As always we appreciate your business, look forward to being able to serve you, and ultimately  bring you our wonderful line of liquors. Thank you so much!   Daryl Rutherford, Eric Romero, Veronica White.