Toasted wood for spirits aging or beer brewing one dozen

Toasted wood for spirits aging or beer brewing one dozen

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A dozen sticks of flavoring wood (single flavor per dozen). This should be good enough for at least a case of liquor or for adding flavor to home brewed beer.

The types include:

Cherry (medium toast)
Apple (medium toast)
Mulberry (medium toast)
Yellow Birch (medium toast)
Sugar Maple (medium toast)
White Ash (medium toast)

White Oak (bourbon barrel char)
Whiskey barrel stave (used for aging whiskey)

If you need a bulk order, please don't hesitate to send a message. I usually respond within 24 hours and will try to give you a discounted price based on the number of sticks you plan to buy.

Mr. Z's tasting notes for birch. He tried 2 birch sticks at 30 days with 750ml of silver tequila.

Still contains those base tequila flavors but you actually get some of those caramelized fruit sugars as well which I think has been accentuated by the birch stick. The stick has added a subtle complexity of aromas reminiscent of a sweet potpourri (sweet, light, and earthy). I’m also getting some floral honey.

This tastes just like it smells; sweet, light, and earthy. The stick has actually taken out enough of the heat that this has become a very decent sipping tequila, (I think I actually prefer it to the original reposado). The flavor intensity actually reminds me of Irish whiskey. This is distinctly birch, but its flavor isn’t getting in the way of the actual alcohol which is perfect. Great balance. Unlike some of the other sticks this is a very simple alteration, not to be confused with dull and boring, in fact this might be my favorite part about this stick is that it has the same flavor through and through with the added benefit of having a lasting flavor staying on your tongue for about 20 seconds makes this super enjoyable. Going down this has an odd effect of actually coating the esophagus so when you breathe out you smell it going out of your nose, leaving you feel engulfed in the flavor.