Engraved Charred American White Oak Aging Barrel
Engraved Charred American White Oak Aging Barrel
Engraved Charred American White Oak Aging Barrel
Engraved Charred American White Oak Aging Barrel

Engraved Charred American White Oak Aging Barrel

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Best quality and flavor - charred American white oak aging barrels
Flavor your favorite whiskey, rum, tequila, bourbon, scotch or wine with great oak barrels
Each barrel comes with the stand, bung, spigot, instructions and paper funnel
Top manufacturer of oak barrels in U.S. with highest customer satisfaction rating
All Red Head Barrels are pressure tested for leaks to highest quality standards available
Engraved and personalized barrels are available on other listings. This listing is for a non engraved blank barrel only.

Do you like getting more drink for your buck? The only difference between bottom shelf and top shelf liquor is that it was aged longer. How would you like the 20 year scotch taste for the 8 year old price? Or, turn your cheap bottle of whiskey, tequila, rum, bourbon, scotch, brandy or cognac in to a delicious bottle of single barrel, hand crafted reserve? What took them years to do in a large 55 gallon oak barrel you can do at home in just a few weeks. You can! You can also take a $40 bottle of wine and turn it in to a $400 bottle of wine. You can do it all in a Red Head Oak Barrel in just 4 – 6 weeks. These mini American Oak barrels are hand-made by a multi-generational Cooper. They make great gifts since they can be custom engraved for personal pride or great for corporate branding. You can now age and flavor your liquor and wine to the taste you prefer. Our oak barrels are available by size. The size of the barrel is determined by the number of Liters it will hold such as a One Liter Barrel holds 1 Liter or your standard liquor bottle whereas a Twenty Liter Barrel holds roughly 5 Gallons. We also offer Cigar Infusing Barrels. These American white oak barrels are charred on the inside, which is a process that caramelizes the sugar in the wood. Your favorite alcohol is poured into the barrel, sealed with a bung and aged to add depth and character. The spirit (or wine) literally pulls flavor out of the wood, infusing the liquid with earthy and vanilla tones. Hotter temperatures expand the spirit, pushing it into the wood and cooler temperatures draw the liquid and flavor out. This process is repeated everyday, for months. The barrels are pressure sealed with steel hoops, can be engraved with the design of your choice, and comes with a spigot, bung and stand. Red Head Oak Barrels’ American Oak Aging Barrels are available with or without engravings. Perfect for aging any store bought spirit (or even moonshine) or custom cocktail.

Barrel capacity:
1 liter - approx 750ml
2 Liter - approx 1.75L
3 Liter - approx - 2.5L
5 Liter - approx 1 gallon
10 Liter - approx 2.5 gallons
20 Liter - approx 5 gallons